New Mexico Maps
1859 New Mexico - Territory and Military dept print
1873 Colton New Mexico-Arizona print
1879 Rand McNally State Map print
1924 New Mexico Conoco highway Map print
1927 New Mexico Dept of the Interior print
1937 Standard Oil NM State Map print
National Geographic Print
Geologic Map of New Mexico
Custom Map of the Bisti Wilderness
Custom Map of the Bisti Wilderness
USGS 500k Whole State Map
BLM and Hunting Idex Map

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From Desert to Deluge- The Continental Divide Trail
March   2    5 pm
presented by Marion DuBeau

Travel Bug's own Marion DuBeau, who you can see here in the store on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, hiked the New Mexico stretch of the CDT in Spring 2021 as a remedy for the pandemic blues and the need for adventure that was close to home. And what an adventure! Join us for a close up look at what hiking this iconic trail looks like, carrying everything needed to survive on your back and sleeping in a new campsite every night.

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