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Climate Change Surprises Sat Dec 09 SPECIAL Michael Stewart The Gift of Climate Change, a grounded, visionary take on addressing our greatest threat presented by Michael Stewart, founder of LightHawk and Climate Keepers

Lose your blues around climate change. There are major breakthroughs coming online that most have not yet heard about - and that hold great promise for turning things around. Enough good news to move past despair and into faith and action, remedies for paralysis. We are going to stop climate change with "shovels and shouts. " From sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) to carbon farming, we are on our way to a green future. Still, in this tug-o-war for the future of the earth, every hand is needed on the rope.
Stories to Invite in the Light Sat Dec 16 SPECIAL Regina. Lucinda, and James Join Regina Ress, Lucinda deLorimier, and James Navé for a Solstice Storytelling: Stories to Invite in the Light. As we head toward the Winter Solstice, come enjoy stories that invite the light to return and, with it, a sweet new year. Enjoy renowned storytellers regaling Santa Fe, NM with tales of the dark time of the year when we light candles, bonfires and anything we can bring to invite our Sun to return.

So far, it has always worked.
Greenland Sun Dec 17 Slide Show Rick Zednik From their 12-day visit, Rick, Anita & Jay Zednik will share photos and stories of sea kayaking among icebergs, bathing in thermal pools, cruising through fjords, spotting sperm whales in the ocean and musk oxen on hillsides, and meeting nearly one-tenth of one percent of all Greenlanders.
Chile: Two thousand miles by bus down a skinny country Sat Jan 06 Slide Show Andrew Stiny From the driest desert on earth to the Lake District of snow-capped volcanoes

Take a ride by entirely by bus through the country of the poet of love, Pablo Neruda, and a country commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1973 CIA-led coup which toppled a democratically elected government and led to thousands being killed or “disappeared.” This was followed by 17 years of military dictatorship.
Hear about the national drink, the Pisco Sour, and see the oldest Pisco distillery in the

Travel to 15,000 feet above sea level to see pink flamingos at the Los Flamencos National Reserve.

(Suggested bio) Journalist Andy Stiny has lived and traveled in the UK, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica and Spain.
Receatin in the Caja del Rio Sun Jan 07 Slide Show Dierdre Monroe
Prancing in the Pyrénées: Camino Francés Sat Jan 13 Slide Show Suzanne Blazier Suzanne Blazier walked the Camino Francés, an ancient pilgrimage route across northern Spain, in September/October 2019. This memoir, "Prancing in the Pyrénées, Sloshing Through Galicia: My Way Along the Camino Francés, " is the account of her journey. She walked carrying all she 'd need for the 42-day trek in a pack on her back while dealing with illness and disappointment, but ultimately experiencing the triumph of completeing the trek.

Suzanne will give a talk and slide show on walking the Camino Francés with special emphasis on why it is a perfect long-distance walk for all fitness levels, ages, regardless of any religious beliefs you may or may not have.

Taken by the Shawnee: Book Event Sat May 04 Booksigning Sallie Bingham
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Ken Collins

Dec 2   5 pm
Rome is in many ways the foundational city of Western civilization, history, art, and architecture. More than any other city in the West it has rich representations of virtually all historical periods: Etruscan, Greek, Hellenistic, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque and the Enlightenment. This program is based on a visit made by Ken Collins in February 2023 and will focus on ancient Roman sites, including not only ruins but painting, mosaics and sculpture. Other important periods will be represented as well. While some of the natural beauty of Rome and its surroundings will be shown, the primary emphasis will be on art and architecture.

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