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Smart & stylish baggs for travel & everyday.

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2 SECURTEX ACTIVITY CROSSBODY Black Anti-Theft Baggallini 60.00
1 MODERN EVERYWHERE BAG French Navy Purses Baggallini 110.00
1 SECURTEX ACTIVITY CROSSBODY Portobello Anti-Theft Baggallini 60.00
1 NAPLES CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK Dark Cherry Backpack Baggallini 110.00
1 TRIPLE ZIP BAGG Apple Purse Baggallini 55.00
1 ORIGINAL EVERYDAY BAG Black w/ Sand Lining Purses Baggallini 75.00
1 Uptown Crossbody Black Baggallini 75.00
1 SECURTEX ACTIVITY CROSSBODY Charcoal Anti-Theft Baggallini 60.00
1 SECURTEX FREE TIME CROSSBODY Mulberry Anti-Theft Baggallini 110.00
1 SECURTEX FREE TIME CROSSBODY Midnight Blossom Anti-Theft Baggallini 110.00
1 UPTOWN BAGG WITH RFID WRISTLET Navy Purses Baggallini 75.00
1 UPTOWN BAGG WITH RFID WRISTLET Woodrose Purses Baggallini 75.00
1 MODERN EWY EXPLORER CROSSBODY New Mint Purses Baggallini 70.00
1 MODERN EWY EXPLORER CROSSBODY French Navy Purse Baggallini 70.00
1 MODERN EWY EXPLORER CROSSBODY Black Purse Baggallini 70.00
1 SECURTEX ACTIVITY CROSSBODY French Navy Anti-Theft Baggallini 60.00
1 Modern Everywhere WaistPack Sli Black Baggallini 65.00
1 Modern Everywhere Waist Pack Slim Black Baggallini 65.00
1 Go Bagg with RFID Wristlet Portobello Shimmer Bags Baggallini 85.00
1 POCKET CROSSBODY WITH RFID BLACK W/ Sandling Purses Baggallini 75.00
1 2-IN-1 CONVERTIBLE BELT BAG Black Purses Baggallini 65.00
1 HELSINKI CROSSBODY HOBO Portobello Shimmer Purses Baggallini 100.00
1 Take Two RFID Bryant /CHA Purses Baggallini 55.00
1 MODERN BELT BAG Ballet Pink Fanny Pack Baggallini 50.00
1 Horizon Crossbody Pacific PURSES Baggallini 79.95
1 Bryant Pouch Pacific Bags Baggallini 55.00
1 MODERN POCKET CROSSBODY Ruby Red Purses Baggallini 75.00
1 Original Everyday Bag Pacific Bags Baggallini 75.00
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Steve Kutay      

Steve 's presentation will cover some of the recent history of U.S. - Iran relations, as well as his 2014 trip to Iran to establish a tour business there. In 2014 he and his wife spent 3 weeks in Iran, covering around 2,000 miles by road and visiting many of Iran 's most famous tourist attractions. Out of the 85 countries Steve has visited Iran is the one that is least like what it is expected to be like. In his talk he hope sto explain, at least in part, why this is the case.

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