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OH  Title  Category Author (Publisher) Price Date
0 100 Things to do in Santa Fe Before You Die    Jeff Berg 16.00 Nov -0001
0 109 East Palace oppenheimer and secret city of los alamos    History Conant, Jennet 20.00 May 2006
4 209 Bandelier National Monument NEW MEXICO    Map Folded National Geographic 14.95 Jun 1996
8 50 Hikes in Northern New Mexico    Sports & Recreation Hi Huschke Kai 22.95 Dec 2016
2 50 Things to See & Do Northern New Mexicos Enchanted Circle    New Mexico Williams Mark D 24.99 Oct 2018
0 6 Trail GT Geology of the Upper Pecos    NM Geology & Minerals 8.95 Aug 2009
1 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque Santa Fe, Mount Taylor etc 3e    Falcon Menasha Ridge 21.95 Feb 2019
6 731 Santa Fe, Truchas Peak NEW MEXICO    Map Folded National Geographic 14.95 Jun 2014
1 Albuquerque    Spotlight Moon Handbooks 7.99 May 2013
0 Albuquerque the greatest views, wildlife, and forest strolls 2e    Best Hikes Falcon Guides 22.95 Jul 2020
2 Albuquerque and Santa Fe: A Guide Greatest Recreational Rides in the Area    Best Trips Best Bike Rides 21.95 Feb 2015
2 Ancient Ruins and Rock Art of the Southwest 4e    Archaeology Noble David Grant 19.95 Sep 2015
1 Apache Wars    History Native America Hutton Paul Andrew 18.00 May 2017
6 Arizona & New Mexico 900k    Map Folded International Travel Map 11.95 Oct 2015
3 Arizona New Mexico 2M 27x19    JJ3 National Atlas 11.95 Aug 1998
1 At the Precipice: New Mexico's Changing Climate    Paskus, Laura 19.95 Sep 2020
1 Bandelier National Monument    History Images of America 21.99 Feb 2016
0 Bandelier National Monument GT    Hoard, Dorothy 8.95 Oct 1994
0 Basic New Mexico Bucket List    Travel Awalt, Barbe 15.95 Feb 2016
0 Best Easy Day Hikes Santa Fe 3e    Falcon Guides 12.95 Apr 2016
1 Best New Mexico Wildflower Hikes    Best Wildflower Hikes Falcon Guides 24.95 Apr 2020
3 Best Tent Camping: New Mexico    Travel Best Tent Camping 16.95 Feb 2021
0 Birding Hot Spots of Santa Fe, Taos, and Northern New Mexico    Liddell, Judy 27.00 Oct 2011
2 Birds of New Mexico    Bird Field Guides 16.95 Aug 2008
2 Blood & Thunder kit carson & american west    History Sides, Hampton 19.00 Oct 2007
1 Book of the Hopi    Native American Waters, Frank 18.00 Sep 2003
2 By the Way GT New Mexicos 25 Scenic Byways    Frantz, Laurie 24.95 Jun 2011
1 Cadillac Desert west & vanishing water    Water Reisner, Marc 18.00 Feb 2003
2 Camping New Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Tent and RV Campgrounds    recreation Crow, Melinda 18.95 Apr 2022
1 Camps and Campsites of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in New Mexico 1933    history Van Hart, Dirk 26.95 Feb 2020
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Rome is in many ways the foundational city of Western civilization, history, art, and architecture. More than any other city in the West it has rich representations of virtually all historical periods: Etruscan, Greek, Hellenistic, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque and the Enlightenment. This program is based on a visit made by Ken Collins in February 2023 and will focus on ancient Roman sites, including not only ruins but painting, mosaics and sculpture. Other important periods will be represented as well. While some of the natural beauty of Rome and its surroundings will be shown, the primary emphasis will be on art and architecture.

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