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  Sat Oct 01 2022 Slide Show Ken Hughes Lesbos Island Greece “Lesvos Island, Greece”
A slide show by Ellen Kemper and Ken Hughes
Saturday, October 1, 2022 5pm, Travel Bug

Enjoy travel tips and photos of Greece’s third largest island from a couple who vacationed and volunteered there all of August 2022. Come feel the allure of the Aegean Sea with seaside yoga at a throwback hotel, groves of olive trees, charming hill towns, castles now music venues, 5,000 year old archeological sites, and beaches galore to assuage the open water swimmer/compulsive swim instructor who taught refugees the joy of swimming.
  Sun Oct 09 2022 Class Jeffrey Paul Gunthart Smart Phone Photography Class Find inspiration and discover new skills in this three-part smartphone photography class. This class is designed for the beginner and the shooter who want to get more out of their smartphone images. We will cover tips, tricks, and camera settings that will improve all the pictures you create on your smartphone. You only need your smartphone and an eagerness to learn something new for this class.
  Sat Oct 22 2022 Slide Show Rick Land China: Students Perspective Studying in China

Immediately after retiring in January of 2019, I went to China for 6 weeks – by myself. The first 4 weeks I spent studying Mandarin at a language school in Shanghai, during which time I lived with a local family. My final two weeks I spent being a solo tourist, first to Harbin in the frigid northern reaches for the annual Ice and Snow Festival, then off to Xi 'an to see the famed Terracotta Warriors.

While there will be photos of some of China 's scenic wonders, my slides and talk will focus primarily on some of the challenges and rewards of solo travel in China, daily life with a Chinese family, and interesting cultural phenomena I encountered along the way.
  Sat Oct 29 2022 AVAILABLE
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