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  Sat Sep 30 2023 SPECIAL Violet Sunday Flowering Poetry Club Open Mic Santa Fe 's very own Flowering Poetry CLub presents their 3rd open mic here at Travel Bug! Please come read original poetry or just sit back and enjpy! To read just come around 5pm on Saturday and sign up at the door!
  Sat Oct 07 2023 Slide Show Johnna Studebaker Camino Santiago Vezelay Route
  Sat Oct 14 2023 SPECIAL Paul Nielsen Paul and Petra Play Guitar Acoustic guitar performance
  Sat Oct 21 2023 Slide Show Michael Wigge Website how to travel the world for free
  Sun Oct 22 2023 SPECIAL Paul White Open Mic with Santa Fe Kooks Come join Travelbug and the Kooks and Curious meetup on October 22 at 5 p.m. for open mic night. All original spooky, creepy, scary, sci-fi, and fantasy short stories, poems, spoken word, and flash fiction are welcome. As long as you wrote it, you can read it. And since spooky is subjective, feel free to get creative with your topic.

Don 't want to read? Join us anyway—grab a drink and a snack, enjoy some tall tales, and cheer your fellow writers on. Please email to sign up to read or sign up early the night of. Please limit your pieces to 6-7 minutes max. Looking forward to seeing you all there
  Tue Oct 24 2023 Slide Show Bonnie Binkert Collage as an Art Form 5-6 pm
  Sat Oct 28 2023 Booksigning Violet Sunday "On A Sunday" Poetry Book Release Violet Sunday, the founder of the Flowering Poetry Club, releases her poetry book, "On A Sunday. "
  Sat Nov 04 2023 AVAILABLE
  Sat Nov 11 2023 Slide Show Jay & Sherry French Southern France
  Sat Dec 02 2023 Slide Show Ken Collins Art Tour of Rome AN ART TOUR OF ROME

Rome is in many ways the foundational city of Western civilization, history, art, and architecture. More than any other city in the West it has rich representations of virtually all historical periods: Etruscan, Greek, Hellenistic, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque and the Enlightenment. This program is based on a visit made by Ken Collins in February 2023 and will focus on ancient Roman sites, including not only ruins but painting, mosaics and sculpture. Other important periods will be represented as well. While some of the natural beauty of Rome and its surroundings will be shown, the primary emphasis will be on art and architecture.
  Sun Jan 07 2024 Slide Show Rick Zedník Greenland From their 12-day visit, Rick, Anita & Jay Zednik will share photos and stories of sea kayaking among icebergs, bathing in thermal pools, cruising through fjords, spotting sperm whales in the ocean and musk oxen on hillsides, and meeting nearly one-tenth of one percent of all Greenlanders.
  Sat Jan 13 2024 AVAILABLE

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