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  Sat May 21 2022 Slide Show LORRAINE WAGER To Italy with Love On Thursday May 21 Lorraine Tecza will be presenting “To Italy with
Love”, photos and discussion of her many adventures in Italy that
include when she was posted to the US Embassy in Rome as well as the
recent (2019 and 2021) retreats she has led to Tuscany. Lorraine
retired early from the Foreign Service and now spends her time
planning wellness retreats both internationally and domestically -
she’s got the travel bug for sure!

So if you would like to travel to Italy virtually or are planning a
trip there in the near future, plan on attending this event!
  Sat May 28 2022 Booksigning David Grant Noble Saigon to Pleiku: A Counterintelligence Agent in Vietnam's Central Highlands, 19 Reading and Booksiging

David Grant Noble is a writer, photographer and the author of numerous books about the American Southwest. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His website is

Brief Description:
Stationed at the U.S. Army 's counterintelligence headquarters in Saigon, David Noble was sent north to launch the first covert intelligence-gathering operation in Vietnam 's Central Highlands. Living among the Montagnard-the region 's indigenous tribal people, deemed critical to winning the war-Noble documented their training, as American Green Berets taught them to use rifles rather than crossbows and spears, while confronting his own challenges in the field. Part memoir, part photojournal, his compelling narrative throws light on a little-known corner of the Vietnam War in its early years-before the Tonkin Gulf Resolution and the deployment of combat units-and traces his transformation from novice intelligence agent and believer in the war to political dissenter and active protester. "--
  Mon May 30 2022 Classes Patricia Spanish
Level 2

Mondays 01:00 to 02:15 pm
Class 1 5/30/2022
Class 2 6/6/2022
Class 3 6/13/2022
Class 4 6/20/2022
Class 5 6/27/2022
  Tue May 31 2022 Classes Patricia Spanish
Level 1

Tuesdays 01:00 to 02:15 pm
Class 1 5/31/2022
Class 2 6/7/2022
Class 3 6/14/2022
Class 4 6/21/2022
Class 5 6/28/2022
  Sat Jun 04 2022 Slide Show Patricia J. Conoway A Solo Woman's Journey During Covid Through Morocco Patricia Conoway solo traveled to Morocco this past September/October, just a few months after the Covid-caused international travel ban was lifted. It was a long awaited trip, as it had been cancelled the year prior because of covid.

Join us for a slide show of some of Morocco 's highlights, including the medieval medinas (old cities) of Marrakesh, Rabat and Fez, beach towns, locally made pottery, leather, copper and other treasures, incredible scenery and the wonderful hospitality of the Moroccan people, seen from the eyes of a solo female traveller. Helpful hints included!
  Sat Jun 18 2022 AVAILABLE
  Sat Jul 02 2022 AVAILABLE
  Sat Jul 16 2022 Slide Show Rachael Sanborn Hidden history of the Camino de Santiago Tentative

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